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Ottawa Members of CSC College of Fellows (FCSC)

Members of CSC College of Fellows (FCSC)


Contact Info.

Ian Bartlett, FCSC, RSW, MAATO

38 Melville Road, Arnprior, ON Tel: (613) 623-4907 bartleti@magma.ca

John Cooke, FCSC, RSW, P.Eng

John G. Cooke and Associates Tel: (613) 226-8718 cookejm@sympatico.ca

Peter Dobbing, FCSC


Thomas Dunbar, FCSC, RSW

TD Squared,111 Royal Landing Gate, Kemptville Tel: (613) 258-1147 TDSquared@SpecCoach.com

David Egan, FCSC, RSW

David Egan and Associates Tel: (613) 692-6644 deadavid@rogers.com

Ivan Lavendar, FCSC, RSW

Tel: (613) 731-2443 ivanmarg@aol.com

Isidore J. Leblond, FCSC, MAATO

Canadian Technology Accreditation Board Tel: (613) 238-8123 ileblond@rogers.com

Chris MacPhail, FCSC, RSW

MacPhail Consultants Ltd. Tel: (613) 733-1191 Chris.Macphail@sympatico.ca

Val Stengels, FCSC, RSW

Tel: (613) 231-3224 vstengel@magma.ca