ECC Call for Volunteers

 CSC Call for Volunteers – Education Certification Committee (ECC)Sub-Committees

The mandate of the ECC is to provide guidance and coordination to the Certification/Registration Subcommittees and to endeavour to deliver uniform certification/registration programs and education courses, to promote the development of appropriate levels of knowledge of construction specifications through education, professional development and mutual exchange of information, as well as to provide the educational opportunities to enable members to qualify CSC Registration or Certification.

The purpose of this Call for Volunteers is to identify members who have both the interest and qualifications to be a part of one of three ECC Sub-committees.  They are RSW (Registered Specification Writer), CTR (Certified Technical Representative) and Certified Construction Contract Administrator) sub-committees. 

Currently three of the Sub-Committees have vacancies that they are seeking to fill as follows:

            RSW   - 1 position vacant

            CTR    - Sub-Committee Chair position

            CCCA- 4 positions vacant

 If you are interested in this position, please submit your list of qualifications by email to Nick Franjic at the CSC Association Office no later than 26 February 2014.  Late submissions will not be considered.

If you have questions regarding this position please contact Nick Franjic at the Association Office.