2017 Conference Wrap up and Awards

Specifying Success in Kelowna


“Setting the Standard” served as the tagline for this year’s Construction Specifications Canada (CSC) national conference, held in Kelowna, B.C., from May 24 to 27. Given the excellent response to the event’s technical program, social events, and the beauty of the Delta Hotels by Marriott Grand Okanagan Resort and surrounding area, it was definitely a conference for the books.

‘Kelownifornia’ meant warm sunshine, gorgeous lakeside and poolside views, and ample opportunity for sampling local culture, whether that meant hiking in the hills, hitting the links, or visiting one (or more) of the wineries and vineyards. It also meant the trademark CSC hospitality, right from the kickoff Welcome Reception (sponsored by Cetco) to the closing President’s Ball (sponsored by Custom Tile Installation Systems).

A hallmark of the association’s annual gatherings is the quality of the various speakers. This year, author Eric Termuende offered a breakfast discussion on cross-generational office collaboration, while Jen Rustemeyer, one of the filmmakers behind award-winning documentary, Just Eat It, delved into the issues of sustainability and food waste during her Kingspan-sponsored luncheon keynote.

The technical discussions were so enticing, it was challenging to choose which seminar to sit in on. For example, take Thursday morning, when delegates had to decide whether to get a comprehensive take on Master Painters Institute (MPI) standards, listen to National Research Council (NRC) experts weigh in on climate change resiliency, or be part of the audience when CSI’s Greg Ceton explored how robotics, algorithms, and artificial intelligence (AI) are affecting project documentation, design, and execution.

Former CSC president (and current Construction Canada editorial advisor) Keith Robinson pulled triple-duty, leading a two-part talk on “Specifications for Constructors, Estimators, and Suppliers” as well as being a panellist on “Choosing Standards and References for Project Specifications,” with fellow past-president Corinne Golding and Toronto Chapter director Kazim Kanani.

Throughout the conference, there were engineers, architects, and other product experts sharing experience and insight in everything from wood, glass, and concrete to projects pursuing Passive House, Living Building Challenge, and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

Toting Alumicor-sponsored conference bags, attendees were also able to network, whether it was during ‘speed’ sessions between seminars or in the exhibit hall during the Connections Café.

Of course, sometimes the best networking takes place when you’re barefoot with colleagues, jumping up and down on grapes. During the CGC-sponsored Fun Night, attendees donned bandanas to form teams and compete in events like the barrel stomp, as well as stuffed-beaver tossing and high-rise block-tower construction (unlikely to pass any structural code). The evening concluded with Robert Fine, the Sinatra Guy, crooning classics over dinner before giving way to karaoke performances that were unforgettable in both good and bad ways.


Recognizing excellence

Sponsored by Rockfon, the annual awards luncheon was emceed by Blair Bennett, CTR, one of the co-chairs of the Vancouver Chapter conference-organizing committee. The event gave CSC a chance to celebrate its best and brightest members and associates.


CSC Life Award

The CSC Life Award is the highest accolade the association bestows on individuals in recognition of their service. This year, two were honoured.


David Egan, FCSC, RSW

A member for more than 40 years, David Egan is active in both the Edmonton and Ottawa Chapters. In the late 1970s and early ’80s, he was very involved with CSC’s National Technical Committee, for which he received a National Award of Merit in 1979. Working in collaboration with CSI, this committee published major revisions to MasterFormat, SectionFormat, and PageFormat. During Egan’s tenure as association president in 1982/83, the Technical Committee was also responsible for the publication of Divisions 0 and 1, and three units of the Manual of Practice.

These resources represented a seismic shift in how project documentation was produced; they collectively laid the groundwork of standardization from which the Canadian construction industry still benefits. They also created a major funding source for CSC, stabilizing its finances. Further, the enhanced relationship with CSI provided the foundation for the ongoing liaison between the two associations.

Egan headed up the review committee that led to a new registration board for managing the Registered Specifications Writer (RSW) designation program in 1985. He was one of its early graduates, acquiring his RSW designation and becoming a well-respected specification writer in the industry. Egan was also instrumental in promoting the idea of networking and communication between industry professionals as being one of the strengths of CSC membership.

He continues to remain very involved, serving among a core group of teachers in all courses put on by the Ottawa Chapter for many years, while also working as an instructor at Algonquin College.


Phil Evans, FCSC

Phil Evans joined the Regina Chapter of CSC in 1982, and became part of its Chapter Executive soon after. In 1987, he began a three-year stint as chair; he took on the role of chapter director in 1992 and was elected to the association’s Executive Council as 4th vice-president three years later. He became the association’s president in 1999.

In addition to being committee chair for the Regina Conference in 2002, Evans was a CSC representative to the International Construction Information Society (ICIS) and the Overall Construction Classification System (OCCS) for a number of years. Becoming a Fellow in 2001, he has stayed active in the College, currently serving as its chancellor. He is also a member of the editorial advisory board of Construction Canada.

Evans has continued to be involved at the chapter level, regularly attending meetings and mentoring the next generation of CSC members. He has been a booster and active recruiter, signing up almost his entire staff as members before retiring from active practice last year.


CSC Honorary Membership Award

The CSC Honorary Membership is the association’s only award conferred on a non-member. This year’s recipient is Michael Atkinson, the president of the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) since 1993. His more than three decades of experience with that group has included every aspect of senior government relations, procurement, and industry promotion regarding construction in this country.

Atkinson was called to the Ontario Bar and admitted to the rolls of the Supreme Court of Ontario in 1981. He is a member of the Federal-Industry Real Property Advisory Council, the Industrial Security Advisory Board, the Construction Law Section of the Canadian Bar Association, and the Law Society of Upper Canada.


F. Ross Browne Award

The F. Ross Browne Award recognizes editorial excellence in Construction Canada, highlighting the author or co-authors of an article in the magazine. This year, the publication’s editorial advisory board chose a July 2016 piece from a shortlist of top features. It brought together two CSC members from different companies and chapters (respectively, London and Toronto), as Kees Govers, B.Sc.(Agr), GRP, and Sasha Aguilera, B.Arch, GRP, shared the plaque for their collaboration, “Designing Extensive and Semi-extensive Vegetated Roofs for Long-term Performance.”


Program Director Awards



In recognition of their work in hosting the informative and fun event in Kelowna, co-chairs Bennett and Kimberley J. Tompkins, FCSC, CTR, received Program Director Awards, as did the other members of the 2017 Kelowna Conference Committee:

? Mark Felt, CCCA;

? Ryan Foster, CTR;

? Don Fraser;

? Alison Henry, CTR;

? James Kelly, CTR;

? Mario Maggio;

? Brian Maher, CTR;

? George McCutcheon, CSP;

? David R. McGuigan, FCSC;

? Daryl Muz;

? Bill Pelke;

? Melodie Pike, CTR;

? Kelly Sawatzky, RSW, CSP; and

? Vince Smith.

For his work with the committee, the late Andrew MacPhail was also honoured.


Education Certification

Michael Schneider, FCSC, CCCA, and Cathie Saar-Paradis, FCSC, RSW, CCCA, were recognized for their ongoing dedication to CSC certification subcommittees. Further, six other members received the award for their participation in the translation of the Specifier course:

? Patrick Bissonnette;

? Sophie Brochu;

? Philip Caron;

? Sylvie Guevin;

? Yvon Lachance, CCCA; and

? Thierry Segard.


Membership Chapter Development and Communications

Guy Houle, director of the Québec Chapter, increased his contingent’s membership by 150 per cent—he was honoured for his efforts.



For myriad efforts and achievements ranging from social-media campaign startups and website revitalization plans to implementing the Principles of Construction Documentation (PCD) course at Toronto’s George Brown College, Kaz Kanani, CCCA, CSP, took home a Program Director’s Award.


Technical Studies

Alain Boudrias from the Montréal Chapter and Jonathan Dee from Ottawa were honoured by the Technical Studies Committee for their work on, respectively, the Canadian Construction Documents Committee (CCDC) 2QC subcommittee and the Institute for Building Information Modelling in Canada (IBC).



For her many years as the group publisher and CEO of Kenilworth Media, publisher of Construction Canada, Ellen Kral was recognized at both the awards luncheon and CSC annual general meeting with a certificate and gift. She was instrumental in the growth of the magazine over almost two decades, helping to increase its circulation, revenue, and frequency while overseeing improvements in online presence and helping launch initiatives like weekly e-newsletters.


Fifty years of Fellowship

In addition to these various honours and accolades, three CSC members were chosen for the College of Fellows. This year, the group celebrated its 50th year, marking the occasion with an induction ceremony open to the public. Phil Evans, FCSC (chancellor), Peter Semchuk, FCSC, RSW, CCCA (dean), David Watson, FCSC, CSP (registrar), and many other Fellows were also part of a special luncheon presentation that paid homage to these hallowed members, including the new trio of inductees.


Peter S. Emmett, CCCA, MRAIC

Peter Emmett has made significant contributions to the enhancement of CSC over the course of his membership. A licensed member of the Nova Scotia Association of Architects (NSAA) and member of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) for 28 years, he has been part of the association since 2004. He joined the CSC Atlantic Chapter Executive prior to Conference 2008 in Halifax, where he participated on the Conference Committee and became the chapter chair.

At the Executive Council level (which includes his stint as president in 2015/16), his background in architecture and contract administration helped tremendously in the various subcommittees. When responsible for the education portfolio, Emmett was instrumental in bringing updated courses for rollout. During this time, the Educational Maintenance Task Team (EMTT) was formed, initially to update the documents, but evolving to perform a larger task. As VP Legislative he was heavily involved in updating CSC bylaws to meet new Canadian requirements, and was responsible for needed updates to the CSC Administrative Manual.

Aside from his day job as national practice leader of construction contract administration at Architecture49, Emmett has participated in many other industry association boards over the years, including the Design Construction Institute (DCI); he has also organized bi-annual trade shows on behalf of NSAA.


Ken Rowson

A tireless CSC supporter known for his laidback humour and highly effective leadership, Ken Rowson worked in the window industry before starting at Alumicor as a sales representative in 1982. He became a member of CSC a decade later, earning accolades like the Program Director’s Award and CSC Chapter Awards of Merit, while also holding numerous positions in the Winnipeg Chapter and having significant roles in the national conference when it was held in that city.

Under his guidance as chair, the chapter won the Lloyd Boddy Award for Chapter of the Year and successfully delivered the first nationally promoted education workshops (i.e. Specifier 1 and CA).


Bob W. Spenst, CTR, CCCA

A strong proponent of educational programs, Bob Spenst has worked tirelessly for the betterment of the association at the national level with the board of directors, as well as the Certified Technical Representative (CTR) and Certified Construction Contract Administrator (CCCA) Education Subcommittees. At the chapter level, he serves as a great CSC ambassador to the local Saskatoon construction industry.

Spenst was among the first group of members to achieve both CTR and CCCA designations, showing his commitment to the association’s education and certification courses. He has also participated in the DACUM curriculum-development process that established the content of the educational topic material in the re-envisioning of those two education programs.

His various Saskatoon Chapter executive positions have included chair, vice-chair, and trade officer; during his tenure, his group took home the Lloyd Boddy Award for Chapter of the Year.


A warm welcome to the Ice District

Next year, the CSC national conference moves one province east to Alberta, with the Edmonton Chapter hosting the big event in late May 2018. The City of Champions will serve as a particularly apt site for a design/construction gathering, as Edmonton is currently developing an ambitious $2.5-billion mixed-use sports and entertainment district on 10 ha (25 acres) of land. While this project will no doubt serve as a backdrop for some of the conference’s sessions, the main draws of the big CSC annual event are timeless and not tied to a specific locale—technical education, networking, and the opportunity to see old friends once again.


Chapters: Accolades for Individuals and Collectives

The President’s Chapter Awards of Merit encourage and recognize active, forward-looking chapters in categories ranging from membership growth and education programs to financial contributions and meeting attendance. This year’s qualifiers were Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Toronto, Vancouver, and Winnipeg.

When it came time to decide the best of the best and hand over the Lloyd Boddy Chapter of the Year Award, Toronto was the winner, excelling in areas such as professional development opportunities, spirit, and participation in local industry and CSC committees.

The chapters themselves also presented Awards of Merit to their own outstanding members. This year’s winners included the following:

? Atlantic—John Connely, CTR, and Harry Forbes, FCSC;

? Calgary—Kirsten Janes and Gale Leblanc, CTR;

? Edmonton—Jeff Halashewski;

? Grand Valley—Stephanie Hargest and Susan Cunha;

? Montréal—Patrick Bissonnette and Fanny Bertand;

? Ottawa—Charbel Abou-Tayeh, CCCA;

? Regina—Katrina Nagle and Nicole George;

? Saskatoon—Brad Smith and Jenny Dergousoff;

? Toronto—Anwerali Chagani, RSW, Isabelle Champagne, CTR, Laura Herbert, and Lyndon Regular, CTR;

? Vancouver— George McCutcheon, CSP, and Vince Smith;

? Vancouver Island—Chris George and David Graham; and

? Winnipeg—Elizabeth Velos, Ralph Finck, and Jesse Watson.


Members Old and New

When an industry group grows, it means people see value in its goals (and benefits), and want to be part of it. However, it also shows the association’s current members believe in its mission and have benefitted from the experience, because they are spreading the word and encouraging others to join. More than increased funds, new members bring new ideas and new energy, helping CSC remain a strong, relevant part of the industry.

There were 271 new (or rejoining) members in 2016, 112 of which were sponsored by current CSC members. To recognize recruitment efforts, Eureka Club Awards are given to those who sponsor at least three new members during the year. This time around, Barb Boroskae, Brad Cove, and Hugh Lim were applauded for sponsoring a trio each, while Guy Houle brought in 10 people. However, the top Eureka Club spot—the Russell W. Cornell Award—went to Kaz Kanani, who brought in 24 new members.

As important as these fresh faces are, having long-term members is also critical, as it ensures continuity and serves as an example of passion and service over the decades. Fortunately, CSC has no shortage of veteran volunteers, with several in attendance in Kelowna to receive their Longevity Awards.


60 years

Robert E. Briggs, FCSC

Ivan H. Lavender, FCSC, RSW

Val Stengels, FCSC, RSW


55 years

Casey A. Skakun, FCSC, RSW

Bob O’Brien


50 years

J.K. (Kenneth) Theaker

Edward W. Hamilton, RSW


45 years

Robert J. Anderson, RSW

Geoffrey D. Holmes

Mike Hardy


40 years

Franklin L. Hillman

David Illsey

Douglas Fishburn

David Wilson, FCSC, RSW

Albert Miller


35 years

Kevin Gerencser

Stephen O. Revay, FCSC

Peter Solu

Ronald L. Johnson

Bruce D. Taylor

David Lawrence, FCSC, CTR


30 years

H. Wayne Yarjau, FCSC, RSW

Rick Hadubiak, CTR, CCCA

M. Denis Gingras

Barry Ruth

Angelo Mattachione

Glenn Tench

Michael McClure

Don C. Stewart


25 years

Joseph Patai

Susan Morris, FCSC

Joseph Amodeo

Ken Yakimovich

Glenn Mackay

Kari Yuers

Jeff D. Werschner, CTR

David A. Embury, RSW

Corinne Golding, FCSC, RSW

Brian Wiles, RSW

Greg Love


20 years

Jerry Slavish

Peter Macnab

Kamal Elliott, CTR

Walter M. Ferri

Robert Galesloot, CTR

Paul D. Driedger

Mark Buckshon

Jim Scott

Philip Sarvinis

Mitchell Brooks, FCSC

Garett Shandler

David Organ, RSW, CCCA

Ed Van Oene, CTR

Keith Lusty


15 years

Jim Whalen

Bill Anglin, CCCA

Ingrid Felso

Peter Zagar

Brian J. Charette

Dan Austin, CCCA

Sandro Cipparone, CCCA

Michel D. Theauvette

Roger Steers

David E. Miller, CTR

John Lake

Brian Linner, CCCA

Steve Berkin, CTR

Ted Handy

David Maksymec

Sarah-Jane Carpenter

Murray L. Stone, CCCA

Michael P. Barnes

Wendy Earle

Lionel Scribner

Nat Morlando

Len M. O’Connor, RSW, CCCA

Wayne Armstrong, CCCA

Kevin Bonogofski

Daniel Fournier

Chris Davidson, CTR

Richard Craig

Nancy Vruwink

Peter O’Brien, CCCA

Brian H. Wilson

Alice Arsenault, CCCA

Don Moore, CTR

Conal Hancherow, CTR

Melodie Pike, CTR

Jay Jones

Glorianne M. Devamanoharan

Arthur Anderson, CCCA

Allan M. Johnston

James W. Greenshields

Rick Thomas, CTR

Arne Anderson

John L. Karman, RSW

Phillip L. McDade

Douglas R. Sanders

Manny Francisco

James A. Chaney

Ross G. Spiegel


10 years

Karel Brozik, CCCA

Garry Newnham, CTR

Luciano Teseo

Alan Downing

James M. Robertson

Beverley Darling

Shawn T. Frayn, CTR

Edward L. Soenke

Eugene A. Valentine

Daryl Glover, CTR

Murray Wilson

Bradley J. McWilliam,


Jori J. Toniello

Christopher Roszell

Robert Callahan, CCCA

Randy Smith, CTR

Robert Jocelyn

Kazim (Kaz) Kanani, CCCA, CSP

Elizabeth Veloso

Douglas G. Scorgie

Mike Eikermann

Patrick French

Pino Mascioli

Mackenzie Adkin, CTR

Dana Gabrielow

Brett Balog

Shamanna S. Kelamangalam, CTR

Joelene Schultz, CTR

James I. Wood

Chris Hunter, CTR, CCCA

Tony Lourenco

Jeff Thompson

Derek Decooman, CTR

Don Lagimodiere

Kimberley Murphy

Mark Clemmensen, RSW

Michel Zerey

Wendy Scott

Brad Beharrell, CCCA

Jim Smiley

Leon Starobinsky, CTR

Jeff Sonoda

Dean Doyle

Peter N. Boskovic

Terry Frank

Richard Gluns

Shaune Smith, CCCA

Sasha A. Donskov

Stacey Bogdanow, CTR

Allan Randall

Terri Randall

Tracey Stawnichy

Paul Hargest

Michael T. Owen, Sr.

Derek Young, CCCA

Richard Baumgartner

Jack A. Cusimano

Aaron Hatch, CTR

M. Mario Lemay

John-Nevan G. McCulloch

Parviz Bakhtiary, CTR

Bruno Bonavitacola, CTR

Simon Chan, CTR

Kim Winchester, CTR

Marc L. Hebert

Marty Lockman, CCCA


Designations and Certifications

At the conference, the association also took time to recognize those who had achieved their CSC industry designations over the last year.


Certified Specification Practitioners

Ryan Dawinan, CSP (Toronto)

Denny Duong, CSP (Toronto)

Michael Watts, CSP (Vancouver)


Certified Technical Representatives

Ryan Ardiel, CTR (Edmonton)

Paul Cantafio, CTR (Winnipeg)

Garratt Grenier, CTR (Edmonton)

Russell Ibbotson, CTR (Toronto)

Marc Michaud, CTR (Montréal)

Randy Smith, CTR (Vancouver)


Certified Construction Contract Administrators

Charbel Abou-Taych, CCCA (Ottawa)

James Dickie, CCCA (Toronto)

Ashraf Hanna, CCCA (Toronto)

Brian Hepworth, CCCA (Ottawa)

Dan Jenik, CCCA (Toronto)

Kevin McEwen, CCCA (Saskatoon)

Ken McNamera, CCCA (Edmonton)

Ian Miller, CCCA (Toronto)

Greg Mylks, CCCA (Saskatoon)

David John Neil, CCCA (Alberta)

Giuseppe (Joe) Serravite, CCCA (Toronto)

Mehdi Shirzadi, CCCA (Toronto)

Charmaine So, CCCA (Toronto)

Albert Thomas, CCCA (Toronto)

Gerald Williams, CCCA (Toronto)