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Master Specifications
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National Master Specifications (NMS) is a full-form master specification developed by
Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC)

Canadian Master Specifications (CMS) is a full sized master specification system of over
580 sections, oriented for medium to large construction, to develop a full-form specification.

MiniSpec over 130 short-form sections for abbreviated specifications or smaller projects.

MasterProspectus - documents project specific design criteria, code and regulatory
requirements, facility element descriptions, and other factors

OutlineSpec  expands information from the MasterProspectus, and further defines project decisions.

 BrandedSpec BrandedSPEC is a collection of proprietary product descriptions, specifications,
and MSDS sheets. The specifications are offered in a common format compatible with
specifications and editing software. Product Descriptions are provided to ProductFormat standards,
which complement the specifications.

HomeSpec Specification subjects addressing residential requirements

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Specnique one method of editing specifications is to use the dedicated software tool Specnique.
Specnique is designed to ease many of the tasks not handled well using a generic word processor.

SpecMacros Using a common word processor requires editing files manually using Microsoft Word or Corel
WordPerfect. To assist with this mode, offers SpecMacros.