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During Soprema’s awards lunch, some of CSC-DCC’s best and brightest were recognized for their dedication and commitment to the association’s cause. John Clinckett, FCSC, RSW, CCCA, Life Member, emceed the ceremony, which saw the following accolades being handed out to those in the room and reserved for those in absentia.

 Chapter Award of Merit

Each year, the Chapter Award of Merit is presented to those who contribute to the advancement of CSC-DCC at the Chapter level. This year’s recipients included:

? Atlantic Chapter’s Paula Webber and Louis A. Beaubien;

? Calgary Chapter’s Sylvie Dzikewich, CTR, Larry Shoesmith, CTR, and Tim Simpson;

? Edmonton Chapter’s Jonathan Chinn, Mike Ewaskiw, CTR, and Shaune Smith, CCCA;

? Grand Valley Chapter’s Colin Goheen, CTR;

? Montréal Chapter’s Pierre-Luc Baril and Sylvain Valcourt;

? Ottawa Chapter’s Marty Lockman, CCCA;

? Regina Chapter’s Andrea Kowalchuk, and Brent Cherwinski, CTR;

? Saskatoon Chapter’s Kelly A. Boldt, CSP, and Brennen Mills;

? Toronto Chapter’s Stacey Bogdanow, CTR, Juste Fanou, Ted Katsoris, CCCA, Paraic Lally, Matthew Roberts, RSW, and Russell Snow, CTR, CSP;

? Vancouver Chapter’s Todd Gerrard, George McCutcheon, and Vince Smith; and

? Winnipeg Chapter’s George Heath, FCSC, Greg Hofsted, and Barry Ruth.


Program Directors’ Awards

 The Program Directors’ Awards go to those who contribute to CSC-DCC’s programs. This year’s first honour went to the members of the 2014 Kitchener Conference Committee for their work in creating a successful event. They included:

? Terry Johnson, FCSC;

? David Boyle, CTR;

? Cathie Schneider, CTR;

? Paul Gerber;

? Tyler Simpson;

? Mark Clemmensen, RSW;

? Kaz Kanani;

? Brian C. Dobbins, CTR;

? Steven C. Ioannides, CTR, CSP;

? John Lake;

? Steve LeBlanc, CTR;

? Michael Mooney;

? Isabelle Champagne, CTR; and

? Sandro Ubaldino, FCSC, RSW.


A ‘legislative’ Program Director’s Award went to John Jensen, FCSC, and George Heath, FCSC, for their assistance to the association’s executive in ensuring CSC-DCC would be able to meet the requirements of Canada’s new Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (NFPC). Meanwhile, the Program Director’s award for Marketing went to the committee behind such initiatives as “I am CSC” and “Share the Experience!” Specifically named were:

? Dennis Looten, FCSC;

? George Heath, FCSC;

? Steve Leblanc;

? Harry Forbes; and

? Yves Roy, CTR.

An additional Marketing Award went to Cathie Schneider, CTR, for her initiative in organizing a student competition involving colleges and universities.

Education Certification Committee Program Director’s Awards went to members of sub-committees charged with the review of the student manuals for Specifier, Construction Contract Administrator (CCA), Technical Representative (TR), and Principles of Construction Documentation (PCD) courses and the production of the Errata required for the course modifications. They included:

? David A Graham;

? Corinne Golding, FCSC, RSW;

? Garth Cantrill;

? Jenny Dergousoff;

? Herb T. Guhl, RSW;

? Jamie Murphy, CCCA;

? Len M. O’Connor, RSW, CCCA;

? William D. Preston;

? Cathy L. Saar-Paradis, FCSC, RSW, CCCA;

? Mila Legge, RSW;

? Colleen Barabonoff, RSW;

? Rick Adams, RSW;

? Peter L. Semchuk, FCSC, RSW, CCCA;

? Robert J. Rymell;

? Steve Londry;

? Imtyaz Kanji, CCCA;

? Mark Clemmensen, RSW;

? Burtt Barteaux, FCSC;

? Scott Cunning, CCCA;

? Jeff Dye, CTR;

? Steve Gusterson, CT 

? Shawn T. Frayn, CTR;

? Greg Mylks, CTR; and

? Guillermo Cordero, CTR, CSP.

The Technical Studies Committee Award presented Program Director’s Awards to Walter G. Strachan, FCSC, RSW, Mila Legge, RSW, and Gary Hartman, RSW, for their work with the Canadian Construction Documents Committee (CCDC). Finally, Thomas Dunbar, FCSC, RSW, also received the award for his continued participation on the joint CSC/CSI MasterFormat Task Team. 

National Award of Merit

National Awards of Merit went to two CSC-DCC vice-presidents. Peter Hiebert, CTR, was acclaimed for his work not only at the Calgary Chapter, but also his chairing of the 2013 National Conference in that city. The other award was bestowed on David Boyle, CTR, for helping revitalize his Grand Valley Chapter. 

Honorary Membership

CSC Honorary Membership was conferred on Eric Lee, senior director of industry practices of the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) and CCDC executive secretary. He has been involved with numerous task forces relating to standard documents and industry practices, and has had notable influence on Division 00 and approaches to contract delivery.

Life Membership Award

The CSC-DCC Life Membership Award is the highest award the association can give to an individual in recognition of his or her service. This year, the Board of Directors gave the honour to the Toronto Chapter’s David R. Wilson, FCSC, RSW.

A senior specification writer with more than 35 years of experience, Wilson has worked for Bell Canada, various architectural design firms (most recently, Dialog), the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), and as a consultant for both federal and provincial governments.

His involvement with CSC-DCC began even before his career started. In 1974, while still attending the Architectural Technology Program at Mohawk College, Wilson joined the Hamilton/Niagara Chapter as a student member. Over the next decade, he would become more involved with the London Chapter, holding various positions before transferring to Toronto in the 1990s and joining the local CSC-DCC group.

As technology advanced how CSC could teach its members who lived far from Chapter locations, Wilson started to teach the PCD and Specifier courses, both in-class and online.

In 2010, he was one of the four founders of the Education Maintenance Task Team (EMTT), set to update the association’s course offerings. He currently sits on the Registered Specifications Writer (RSW) Certification Board, where he has developed an improved tracking process to assist all RSWs in their professional development and advancement. In total, Wilson has received seven Chapter Awards of Merit and three Program Directors Awards, as well as a National Award of Merit. Nevertheless, he remains humble.

 “After the CSC Toronto chapter No Frills Trade Show luncheon I was surrounded by many prominent CSC members,” he told Construction Canada when asked how he found out about the award. “My initial thought was that I had done something wrong! You have no idea how surprised I was when I was informed I had been awarded Life Membership at the last Board of Directors meeting. I typically have very little hesitation voicing my opinion on CSC matters, but when I received this news I was absolutely incoherent. I simply could not take in the magnitude of the honour of being given this very prestigious award of recognition.”

“All I had done was volunteer my time to CSC—an integral part of what CSC is all about,” he continued. “CSC could not exist in its present form without the volunteer efforts of so many of its members. Besides, I had gotten so much more out of volunteering than I had ever put into it. That in itself was more than enough reward for me.” 


Chapter of the Year

The final award handed out at the luncheon, the Lloyd Boddy Chapter of the Year receives a prized lectern that recognizes its outstanding achievements on a local level. With criteria ranging from membership participation and technical activity to communications, this year’s winner was selected as the Winnipeg Chapter. The group was lauded for the high quality of its education offerings, its publications, and its various events.

Even if it wanted to, Winnipeg will not have long to rest on its laurels, however. The city will be playing host to next year’s CSC-DCC National Conference, from May 27 to 31, 2015. 

The New Fellows

At the 47th annual induction ceremony of the College of Fellows of the Construction Specifications Canada, dean Sandro Ubaldino, registrar Thomas Dunbar, treasurer Keith Robinson, and chancellor Peter Semchuk introduced the newest members to their ranks.

Claude Giguere

Since joining CSC-DCC in 1998, Claude Giguere has made exceptional contributions to the association’s advancement at both the local and national levels. He was a lecturer at the École Polytechnique de Montréal for eight years in the field of heating principles, also offering courses on specific validation techniques. Giguere is also a regular speaker on the design of pharmaceutical and critical environment for many organizations.

CSC-DCC president in 2012−2013, Giguere remains a representative for the Institute for BIM in Canada (IBC). He also spearheaded the final translation of MasterFormat 2011.

David Reburn, CTR

David Reburn has been a member of CSC-DCC for almost 30 years, serving as a key proponent of the Edmonton Chapter by promoting its initiatives and encouraging new membership through myriad programs. He has continually served as a mentor to others in the industry, and has also worked to promote CSC-DCC connections in his work with the Thermal Insulation Association of Canada (TIAC) and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT). 


Construction Canada’s Article of the Year

Named after the late Construction Canada columnist, the F. Ross Browne Award is given to the author of an exemplary article that appeared in the magazine—a technical, objective feature that presents important, timely information to an audience of specifiers, architects, and others across the country. The 2014 winner was the Toronto Chapter’s Steven C. Ioannides, B.Eng., CTR, CSP, LEED AP, for his “A Practical Guide to Canadian Barrier-free Washrooms.” The article appeared in the May 2013 issue; visit and select “Archives” to read it.

Strength in Membership

Russell W. Cornell, FCSC, was a key figure in the early years of the Specification Writers Association of Canada (SWAC)—the association that would evolve into CSC. He was at the inaugural meeting in 1954, and became the group’s first executive director three years later. He founded this very magazine (then called Specification Associate), and assembled the construction index that would become MasterFormat.

Due to Cornell’s seminal work for the association, and his vital contributions to its growth, CSC’s award for the top sponsor of new members bears his namesake. This is because, like Cornell, bringing new design/construction professionals into the fold sends a clear message of belief in the association’s mission, goals, and potential. This year’s Russell W. Cornell Award was shared by two members of the Toronto Chapter: Kaz Kanani and Matthew Roberts, RSW—they each brought in three new design/construction professionals.

CSC-DCC’s long-time members were also honoured for their years of service to the association. They include: 

10 Year

Greer Grady

John Sharpe

Mary Van De Gevel

Guillermo Cordero, CTR, CSP

Jim Witty

Peter Padley

Anne Buvat

Jacques Beaulieu

Robb Heit

Tom Bird

Karen Fourchalk

Murray Cutmore

Shelly Slobodzian

Reg Spurrill

Blair Bennett, CTR

Jean Neron

Ed Djonlich

Carlo J. Mancini

Clifford Strassburger

Francois Fugere

Hans Hakkarainen

Peter S. Emmett, CCCA

Christian E. Knudsen

Reid McCauley

Gaetan Fouquereau

Don Wilkinson

Walter Hayes, CCCA

Louis Leduc

Dave Gaunt

Skip Helfrich

Rob Scheidler

Joe McDermid, CTR

Aris Dalakis, CCCA

William D. Preston

Doug Sharpe

Carlee Brattan

Stephen Teal

Sydney A.P. Henriques, CCCA

Neil Henrikson

Rob Matich, CTR

Catherine Waterson

Fraser Powell, CTR

Karen Griffith

Cathy Garrido

John Hendriks, CCCA

Rick Ward

Tyler R. Pochynuk

John McLean, CTR

Larry Shoesmith, CTR

Robert St. Louis, CCCA

Michael Danielson

Heather Ziober, CCCA

David Johnston

Tom Joyce

Scott Waechter

Martin Wade

Cam Munro, CTR

Rachel Blanchette

Kelly Clarke, CTR

Raymond B. Nelson, CCCA

Laurent Lefebvre

Tony Martinelli, CCCA

Janis Dubreuil

Nick H. Aroutzidis

Bradford W. Cove

Dave Laurie, CTR

Georges Carazzato

Jim Whalen

Bill Anglin, CCCA

Ingrid Felso

Peter Zagar

Brian J. Charette

Dan Austin, CCCA

Sandro Cipparone, CCCA

Michel D. Theauvette

Roger Steers

David E. Miller, CTR

John Lake

Kevin Krauss

Brian Linner, CCCA

Steve Berkin, CTR

Ted Handy

David Maksymec

Sarah-Jane Carpenter

Murray L. Stone, CCCA

Michael P. Barnes

Wendy Earle

Lionel Scribner

Nat Morlando

Len M. O’Connor, RSW, CCCA

Wayne Armstrong, CCCA

Allan Evans, CCCA

Kevin Bonogofski

Daniel Fournier

Chris Davidson, CTR

Richard Craig

Nancy Vruwink

Brenda J. Neczkar

Peter O’Brien, CCCA

Brian H. Wilson

Norman Toupin


15 Years

Craig Cosgrove, CTR

Betty-Jo Tell, CCCA

John Pogacar

Rod McCafferty

Ellen Kral

Robert Venasse, CTR

D. Gord Joorisity

Brian Briscoe

Jamie Murphy, CCCA

Grant Robertson

Michael Todoruk

Ned Santarossa

Bruce McDonald

Rock Jerome, CCCA

Brian E. McCabe

Robert J. Reed, CCCA

Vrej-Armen Artinian

Brent Fraser, RSW

William C. Smith, CCCA

Tim G. Walsh, CCCA

Matthew Brunt, CTR

Steve Findlay, CCCA

Peter Rigakos

Pierre Provost

Stephen W. Burdy, CCCA

Garry R. McFarlane, CTR

James Hargreaves

John Albo, CTR

Brian Baird, CTR

Imtyaz Kanji, CCCA

Russell Snow, CTR, CSP

Michael E. Thornber

Don Delaney

Dean Karachi

Gary E. Bearham

James Kwan

Ian MacLaughlan

David T. Brisley

Paul E. Frank

Brent Belanger, CTR

Mike Boldt

Thomas J. A. Piskor, CTR

Marvin Megley

Domenic Biase

K. Zielonka

Dennis Christie

John Mainer

Donna DeVloo

Jerry Slavish

Peter Macnab

Kamal Elliott, CTR

Thomas Sutherland, RSW

Walter M. Ferri

Serge Milette

Robert Galesloot, CTR

Paul D. Driedger

Mark Buckshon

Jim Scott 


20 Years

Arthur E. Buse

Kimberly J. Tompkins, CTR

Claude Bourgeois

Ken Conn

B. Alan Scott

Robert J. Rymell

Charles Sopher

Spyros Aplidgiotis

Edward J. Wetmore, RSW

Peter Kalinger

Brent Riley

Bruce W. Hudson, CTR

Vladimir Sobot

Rick Morgan

Rick Kalenchuk, CCCA

Bob Fedchyshyn

James Dykes

Allan Morris

Wesley T. Moore

Ken Rowson

Joseph Patai

Susan Morris, FCSC

Joseph Amodeo

Ken Yakimovich

Steven R. Fox

Glenn Mackay

Kari Yuers


25 Years

Walter Gough

Thomas Dunbar, FCSC, RSW

Robert Park, RSW

Peter L. Semchuk, FCSC, RSW, CCCA

Michael Paquette

Gerry D. Ens

Manfred W. Grote

Ron J. Van Berkel, CTR

Wes Anderson

Ross Keltie

Wynn McDonald

Thomas Van Driel, RSW

Vern Gudmundson

Rene Rufiange

Tim Argento

Richard Storey

George C. Patton

Jean-Guy Levaque

Glenn D. Reinders

Maurice W. McGill

H. Wayne Yarjau, FCSC, RSW

Rick Hadubiak, CTR, CCCA

John W. Henoch

Denis Gingras

Barry Ruth 


30 Years

Jean-Claude Lussier

Harvey Rebalkin

Barbara Ellard

Peter Solu

Stephen O. Revay, FCSC

Kevin Gerencser

Philip J. Evans, FCSC


35 Years

Walter G. Strachan, FCSC, RSW

Del Hammerlindl, CTR

Donald H. Pfeffer

Robert N. Mercer, FCSC

John Weber

Bruce Wallbridge

Anwerali H. Chagani, RSW

I. J. LeBlond, FCSC

Kenneth A. Halldorson, FCSC, RSW

Herb Dietrich

Gerry Wilson, FCSC, RSW

Arthur W. Perjul

Franklin L. Hillman

Wilmer A. Pizzey

David Illsey

Douglas Fishburn

David R. Wilson, FCSC, RSW


40 Years

Jim Tobros, FCSC

David R. McGuigan, FCSC

Robert J. Anderson, RSW


45 Years

John M. Jensen, FCSC

Mike Robinson, FCSC, RSW

Willem de Lint, FCSC

Louis Couillard

Gary A. Hartman, RSW

Jean F. D’Haese, RSW

E.B. George

J.K. (Kenneth) Theaker


50 Years

Casey A. Skakun, FCSC, RSW 


55 Years

Robert E. Briggs, FCSC

Ivan H. Lavender, FCSC, RSW

Val Stengels, FCSC, RSW