CSC pursues the development of systems and procedures which will improve the coordination and dissemination of information relevant to the construction process.

In addition to the development of industry related publications, CSC seeks to enhance the quality of the design and management aspects of construction activity. The enhancement is by way of education and professional development and certification programs, believing that by so doing CSC can best contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of the industry as a whole

CSC provides a means by which you can continue to learn and develop your skills as well as share your own expertise and experience with others through education courses namely: Principles of Construction Documentation; Specifier Course; Technical Representative; and Construction Contract Administration. CSC courses are open to all individuals in the construction industry.

CSC also offers four registration/certification programs, the Registered Specification Writer (RSW), Certified Technical Representative (CTR), Certified Construction Contract Administrator (CCCA) and Certified Specifications Practioner (CSP) designations. For more information on these programs, please click here.

CSC courses are offered on a Classroom instruction and Workshop basis. The Principles of Construction Documentation (PCD) course is available as an On-Line course as well.

Classroom instruction is offered by local chapters. Contact the Association office or a chapter near you for details. The time, location and cost may vary. All courses consist of approximately 40 hours of classroom instruction, typically over a 14 week period, 3 hours per week.

On-Line education, currently only available for the Principles of Construction Documentation (PCD) course, is offered for those who prefer the flexibility of working from home, or unable to attend classroom instruction due to geographical reasons, or time management issues. The PCD On-line Program lasts 16 weeks covering several modules, and is identical information as the in-class course. Interaction between the on-line instructors and other students is required.

The Workshop course material is identical to what is presented in the classroom instruction. Workshops are presented over 5 consecutive days or one day a week over a five week period. The time, location and cost may vary. Contact the Association office or a chapter near you for details.

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