Why get Certified?

Registered Specifications Writer 

CSC’s RSW designation is a testament to the high level of knowledge, experience and judgment related to construction procurement a specifier possesses. The designation lends credibility to a specifier’s participation in the construction process. 

The program is designed for those who prepare or supervise the preparation of construction specifications. The RSW designation provides the specifier with a number of benefits, including: 
  • A greater understanding of construction specifications; 
  • The ability to improve the quality of specifications; 
  • Greater efficiency and proficiency in documentation preparation; 
  • A commitment to recognized standards of quality documentation; 
  • Recognition by peers, the construction industry and employers; and 
  • Client confidence knowing they have engaged the services of an RSW. 

Certified Technical Representative 

Survival in today’s business environment requires that value-added services be brought to customers at every stage of your interaction with them. As such, product knowledge and presentation skills are more important than ever. When these skills are combined with knowledge of the construction process and its participants, they provide the technical representative with a clear edge. 

CSC’s CTR designation attests to independent and objective adherence to the highest quality of product representation. 

As a CTR, your clients will know you understand your role in the construction process and are familiar with the principles of product representation and the preparation of construction documents. 

As well, being a CTR means you are skilled in the interpretation and preparation of product specifications, understand substitution procedures and are familiar with construction product warranties and guarantees. CTRs also know how to prepare a technical specification section according to CSC principles and understand MasterFormat™ and the concept of organizing well-written construction documents. 

Certified Construction Contract Administrator 

The CCCA designation is a testament to knowledge of recommended practices in organizing, implementing and supervising construction contract documents and in expertise in written communication. 

Consultants, contractors and others are expected to administer the finer points of a construction contract for the facility owner. In order to do this efficiently, a contract administrator must have a complete understanding of all aspects of the construction process and its workings. The CCCA program provides that understanding. 

The objective of the CCCA designation is to improve construction contract administration by providing education related to the understanding, administration and enforcement of conditions of the contract during the bidding and construction phases of a project. 

Certified Specification Practitioner 

CSP is the latest designation offered by CSC. This designation is for specification writers who have taken the Principles of Construction Documentation (PCD) and the Specifier course and have the knowledge and experience to become more proficient in the specification writers role within the design and construction industry. Becoming a CSP will show commitment to producing accurate documentation, thereby enhancing your professional credibility through increased confidence of your peers, employers and clients. 

The objectives of the CSP is to set standards and a high quality of practice for specification writers through prescribed qualifications, courses and a demonstrated level of competence and ethical practices.  

The CSP provides the new or non-registered Specifier with a number of benefits, including: 
  • A better understanding of construction specifications; 
  • The ability to improve the quality of your specifications; 
  • Improved efficiency and proficiency in document preparation; 
  • Guidelines to improve standards for quality documentation; 
  • Recognition by peers, employers and the construction industry; 
  • Could be a stepping stone to becoming a Registered Specifications Writer (RSW)