Title Speaker Names Presentation Outline
Session 1A - Polished Concrete & Resinous Flooring fro more  9:00-10:00am Speaker: Chris Henderson, BNE Contractors TBA
Session 1B - 9:00-10:00am Speaker: TBA
Session 1C - Niagara Parks Power Station 9:00-10:00am Speaker: TBA
Session 2A - Masonry Envelope Repair on Chateau Frontenac 10:30-11:30am Speaker: John Cooke & Pascal Lavielle more  TBA
Session 2B - Construction Project Cost Planning Controls 10:30-11:30am Speaker: Ralph Lembcke, R.Lembcke & Asso more  TBA
Session 2C - 10:30-11:30am Speaker: TBA
Session 3A - Below Grade Waterproofing 1:45-2:45pm Speaker: Kevin Aneca, Principal at Concret more  TBA
Session 3B - Centre Block, Parliament Hill, Ottawa 1:45-2:45pm Speaker: Paul Garnier, Lead Program Manag more  TBA
Session 3C - How to Spec Division 25 – A Look at Buil more  1:45-2:45pm Speaker: Ping Yao, Optics Network TBA
Session 4A - 3:15-4:15pm - Speaker: TBA
Session 4B - 3:15-4:15pm Speaker: TBA
Session 4C - Remote Sensing Technologies for the Built  more  3:15-4:15pm Speaker: Richard Borger, Mohawk College TBA
Session 5A - Specifying Lightning Protection – CSA B72:20 9:00-10:00am Speaker: Simon Larter, Dobbyn Lightning  more  TBA
Session 5B - The Future of Buildings: Tall Timber Buildings 9:00-10:00am Speaker: David Moses, Moses Structural E more  TBA
Session 5C - 9:00-10:00am Speaker: TBA
Session 6A - Panel Discussion: Concrete Mix Design 10:30-11:30am Speaker: Moderator Craig Corner; Guests: more  TBA
Session 6B - 10:30-11:30am Speaker: TBA
Session 6C - Panel Discussion: Concrete Mix Design 10:30-11:30am Speaker: Sihan Li, Mike Gibbons, Jan Dal more  TBA
Session 7A - AWMAC – Who we Are and How We Can Help You! 2:00-3:00pm Speaker: Laurie Suikki, AWMAC Ontario TBA
Session 7B - Bidding and Tendering. What is the Law? 2:00-3:00pm Speaker: Lena Wang, Principle/Jacob McLel more  TBA
Session 7C - 2:00-300:00pm Speaker: TBA
Session 8A - 3:30-4:30pm Speaker: TBA
Session 8B - Modular Construction 3:30-4:30pm Speaker: Sam Caltagirone, Ellis Don TBA
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