Complete the Membership application form and either email, fax or mail it into the Association Office.


Membership transfer forms must be completed in its entirety and signed by the appropriate individuals and accompanied by the applicable fee.  Incomplete forms will not be accepted.  Click here for the CSC Membership Transfer Application.


Member:  An individual concerned professionally with the preparation, interpretation and enforcement of specifications and documents used in connection with the design, construction, maintenance and equipment for construction projects


An individual who uses specifications for construction materials and equipment for a building or engineering construction, manufacturing, or for the processing or procuring of construction materials and equipment, or who represents an Association related to any of the foregoing.

Associate Member
: An individual with less than 2 years experience in any of the fields that would qualify him/her for membership into CSC, who is not or was not previously a member of CSC.  This membership is non-transferable.

Student Member
: An individual undergoing full time training in a school of architecture, engineering or technology for the period of training.

Retired Member: A Member who is no longer engaged in income-producing activities on a full time basis; has reached the age of sixty and has been a Member in good standing for the past five consecutive years.