In Memoriam: David Boyle, FCSC, CTR, Past President

August 1, 1959 – January 31, 2024
February 02, 2024 | By Nick Franjic

David Boyle, FCSC, CTR, Past President
August 1, 1959 – January 31, 2024
It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of David Boyle, FCSC, CTR, Past President, who passed away during the late hours of January 31, 2024, at Hamilton General Hospital. David was the beloved husband of Nancy for 37 years, a loving father to Jordan and Sean, and a cherished grandfather to Carter.
David’s journey with CSC commenced in February 2000 where he immediately recognized the value of the Association and earned his CTR designation in 2001. A member of the Grand Valley Chapter, David played a pivotal role in in its revitalization showcasing his easygoing nature, wit, compassion and determination. His leadership, marked by his vision and dedication, contributed to the Chapter’s enduring strength. David served as Chapter Chair and Director for a couple of years. He served the Chapter by assisting with day-to-day operations, organizing the Connections Café and Golf Tournaments for numerous years. David also co-chaired Conference 2014 in Kitchener, Ontario and was integral to its overall success. 

In 2013 David joined the CSC Executive Council as 4th Vice President, showcasing his true capabilities. Progressing through the various portfolios, he diligently worked to enhance the Association’s overall well-being. As President, he earned widespread respect for his ability to seamlessly separate his work life from other responsibilities, ensuring that all his actions benefited CSC and its membership. David’s voluntary contributions continued even after his tenure on the Executive Council as he co-chaired CSC Conference 2023 and upon request of the Executive Council he together with the team delivered the conference a year earlier in 2022, the first in-person conference, post-pandemic. 

David's illustrious journey was adorned with accolades, including the Chapter Award of Merit, Program Directors Award, and the National Award of Merit. The pinnacle of his recognition materialized on May 23, 2019, in Regina, as he was inducted into the esteemed CSC College of Fellows, an elevation he held in profound esteem. 
Beyond his accomplishments with CSC, David Boyle was a venerable Technical Sales Representative for W.R. Meadows of Canada. He marked a quarter century of service with pride and grace in 2023. He earned widespread respect in our industry for his unwavering professionalism, integrity and engaging personality. His exceptional contributions were acknowledged when he received ‘Salesperson of the Year’ in 2002 and he consistently stood out as an outstanding employee within W.R. Meadows. David's ability to balance professionalism with a personable approach endeared him to his peers, making him not only a consummate professional but also a universally liked and respected individual. His humility and willingness to put others first defined his character. 

David was more than a dedicated professional; he was a person of unparalleled attitude. He had a passion and zest for life, and an incredible ability to help those in need. A poignant moment for David was presenting BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse) with a substantial donation of over six thousand dollars, all of which was raised at CSC Conference 2022, marking it the largest single donation received by the Railway City Chapter of BACA. 

As we lament the irreplaceable loss of a dedicated CSC member, and as many of us grapple with the void left by an extraordinary individual and true friend. We extend our profound condolences and sympathies to his grieving and cherished wife Nancy, sons Sean (Chayli) and Jordan (Ashley), and his radiant grandson Carter Kendrick James. To them, we express heartfelt gratitude for graciously sharing the luminous presence of David with the extended CSC family.

On behalf of the CSC Executive Council, Board of Directors, College of Fellows, and the entire CSC fraternity, we extend our sincerest condolences during this tender juncture. May the memory of David Boyle linger as a beacon, guiding us through the corridors of enduring camaraderie and indomitable spirit.