Life Membership Award Recipients 2023

March 20, 2023 | By Administrator

The Life Membership Award is the highest accolade that CSC can bestow on an individual. It is presented in recognition of outstanding service, dedication, support and commitment to the Association and the design + construction community.

This year, the Executive Council and Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Mr. Peter Hiebert, FCSC, CTR and Mr. Steve Gusterson, FCSC, CTR will be presented with this accolade at Conference 2023 in Calgary, Alberta.
Peter Hiebert, FCSC, CTR
Peter started life in humble beginnings, in a very religious home, with morals and ethics an integral part of his upbringing, and intrinsic in forming who he is today. Growing up in a carpenter’s home, learning about the construction industry was a regular part of Peter’s life. His involvement in the construction industry spans over 40 years!

Peter has been a member of CSC for over 25 years, a Certified Technical Representative for over 20 years, and was inducted into the College of Fellows in 2018. He has received numerous awards and accolades from CSC for his dedication and commitment towards the betterment of CSC as well as the industry.

Peter continues to actively support the Association in so many ways ? by way of his involvement as a mentor at the chapter level, to committed involvement in chapter activities including student design competition, Connection Cafés, and conferences, to teaching the Technical Representative course (virtual workshop), and encouraging his staff to become Certified Technical Representatives. He doesn’t coach from the sidelines; he is truly and deeply committed to CSC.

Peter is a dedicated member of the Calgary Chapter and is currently the General Sales Manager for Canada at Construction Specialties.
Steve Gusterson, FCSC, CTR
For more than 40 years, architects, contractors and installers have turned to Steve Gusterson for support with their architectural aluminum product selections and specifications. He has held numerous roles in his many years with Alumicor, and currently serves as VP, Pre-Construction, Canada.
Steve has been a member of CSC for over 20 years, a Certified Technical Representative since 2000 and has continuously been an active member of the Toronto Chapter, serving in various positions and capacities since 2007. He has also been a long-standing instructor for our Technical Representative Program since 2012. Steve was inducted into the CSC College of Fellows in the midst of the pandemic in 2021.

Steve firmly believes in giving back to the design and construction industry. Outside of his involvement with CSC, Steve has been an active member of the Ontario Glass and Metal Association where he currently serves as Acting Vice-President. Steve assisted with the creation of the Ontario version of the “British Columbia Glazing Systems Specifications Manual,” which became the basis of the 2010 national version that is still referenced today. Steve also serves on the Architectural Technology Program Advisory Committee for Durham College. Prior to moving from Whitby to Pickering, he also served on the Town of Whitby’s Local Architecture Conservancy Committee.

Congratulations to both Peter and Steve on their achievement!