Kim never expected her fascination with a mobile crane while in grade 5 would lead her to the construction industry today. Said crane was parked beside the sidewalk and while walking and looking up, she got vertigo and had to put her head between her knees to recover. That did not stop her although it was a long and circuitous route to get here.

Growing up in Ottawa and playing competitive Volleyball there was not a sport that she did not play or enjoy. Okay, one … field hockey because they did not have left-handed sticks way back then. 

In 1978 or there about she jumped in friends suburban and headed to the wild west, also known as Calgary, where they told her it was a “Dry” cold!  Disco was going strong, and Kim was immediately employed with 3 jobs, 2 of them in the night club and hospitality industry. Fun fact, during this employment she had the opportunity to visit the real Studio 54 and it was as wild and crazy as everyone said.
A few blurred years later, the warmer climates of Vancouver called, and she never looked back.

Kim joined the construction industry working for a distributor of building materials focused exclusively on Dryvit Sales and Support. After 10 years representing and ultimately working for Dryvit, she joined Georgia Pacific as the Western Canadian Architectural Sales Manager for Dens Products. Throughout the years Kim has served on numerous construction industry boards ultimately serving as President for the British Columbia Wall & Ceiling Association (BCWCA) and the British Columbia Building Envelope Council (BCBEC).

 In 2008, Kim joined her husband Angus MacGregor in the family business Tec Agencies as a partner focusing on the AEC community while Angus supported the contractor and distribution base. Tragically he died in a motorcycle accident in 2009 leaving Kim to run the company on her own. In the spring of 2011 Marcel Tack, (her former manager at GP) joined the company as an equal partner. Knowing Marcel, his wife and his children made the transition to partnership extremely easy. Marcel is a great supporter of CSC which makes volunteering that much easier. 

Kim considers CSC her extended family. This became evident when her daughter Samantha decided to drive across Canada with her BFF. Kim gave her the membership handbook with names underlined in various cities identifying who she could call in an emergency. Kim has served on many committees as well as co-chairing 2 National Conferences. She has spent the past 4 years on the Executive Council as a VP, becoming President for the year 2021/2022. She has maintained membership for over 25 years as well as earning her CTR designation in 1999 and fellowship in 2016.

In the early 2000’s Kim was one of the founding members of the Canadian Construction Women’s Dragon Boat Team. She immediately took to the sport and once she could no longer compete, she became an official and now travels internationally to different events as a Level 2 International Dragon Boat Federation Official. Her nickname throughout the sport is “Madame Starter”.

Kim’s daughter Samantha is her greatest love and inspiration. Sam’s passion for travel ignited the same interest for Kim as she grew tired delivering her daughter to the airport again and again. They spent a month together travelling Europe and since then, Kim’s motto is “Where next”?